a girl wearing a long trouser

a girl wearing a long trouser

Although skinny jeans still make up the largest wear in women’s fashion, wide-legged pants are slowly but surely on the rise. Wide-legged pants are full-length trousers with wide legs and a cinched waist. Well, such outfits can be pretty problematic to pull off, especially if you’re not used to wearing such pants. However, we have featured several ways to rock the wide-legged denim outfit that will save you from a fashion scandal. Grab a coffee and get comfortable.

Denim on Denim

A denim-on-denim outfit could easily lead to a fashion faux when worn incorrectly. Yes, it’s pretty tricky but excellent wear once you pull it off. Some of the double denim rules to play around with may include:

Wearing similar shades – while different shades can be tempting, for instance, white wide-legged pants paired up with a dark denim jacket, similar shades of denim work to elongate your silhouette.

Add colors – adding pops of color such as red lipstick or a red T-shirt can help create a bold statement as popularly seen in celebrity gossip blogs with the latest entertainment.

Accessorize – as denim is mainly considered a neutral shade of blue, adding accessories such as a watch, jewelry, or throwing around fun hairstyles can breathe some life onto a double denim outfit.


Crop tops are trendy wear that every woman should try regardless of her figure and age. They are beautiful, sexy little tops that complement a high-waisted, wide-legged pair of trousers. There are also professional crop tops that show just the right amount of skin that is decent enough for the office. Furthermore, crop tops come in all designs, knitted as popularly seen in videos of your favorite celebrities, chiffon, and even cotton—all to your liking.

Boyfriend Coat

Wearing a boyfriend blazer on top of a printed top and wide-legged denim finished off with chunky wooden heeled sandals can be highly flattering. Alternatively, a long boyfriend jacket paired with an oversized colorful scarf and denim pants with a higher hemline can give the pop you need to take pictures all day long. This street-style outfit can be closed off with a pair of heels or chunky boots.

Tank Top

Tank tops are tight-fitting sleeveless tops with no collar or buttons and are made from soft cotton material. Combining these with a pair of wide-leg denim trousers makes the perfect outfit for a picnic or any other casual activity. You can always complement this look with a popping lipstick color or a colorful headwrap or band. Besides looking stylish, you also adhere to the loose bottom, tight top rule.

Halter Top

Like a tank top, a halter top is a sleeveless shirt with narrow straps behind the neck or, in some cases, a backless sleeveless shirt. Wearing one of these honors the 90s fashion. You can easily match a halter top and wide-leg denim with loafers to make you look stylish but straightforward. Such a wardrobe combo is convenient for vacations, shopping sprees, or lunch with some friends.