couples holding their hand

couples holding their hand

Marriage is God’s gift to humans. Celebrities are also humans. They have human tendencies of love and anger. So we have a lot of unsuccessful couples here. And a list of successful celebrity couples. One thing is entirely mutual among all of them. They are loyal to each other. Tolerate misunderstandings. And prefer to join and not to disjoin.

David and Victoria Beckham

a picture of a celebrity couplea picture of a celebrity couple

This beautiful couple met each other in 1997. Their happy married life remained prosperous with love for 20 more years. David Beckham was an excellent player for Manchester United at the time. Victoria was famous as “Posh” in the popular Spice Girls band. Their marriage ceremony in 1995 got massive media coverage. They have four beautiful children: namely Brooklyn, Romeo, Cruz, and Harper. Victoria is currently working as a professional fashion designer.

Catherine Zeta-Jones and Michael Douglas

Catherine Zeta-Jones and Michael Douglas got fame also for their marriage mysteries. This couple was together from 2000 onwards. It was a popular, controversial matter of that time. There was a big issue of getting copyrights of their wedding photographs. Although the couple experienced unbalances in 2013. Hence they decided to address their misconceptions and preferred love again. Till today their relationship is stronger than ever. Dylan and Carrie are their two cute daughters.

Meryl Streep and Don Gummer

Meryl Streep came into the life of famous American sculptor Don Gummer in 1978. Their relationship is a role model for the newer generation. They are living joyously with their four children. Meryl Streep is very conscious of positivity in most problems of life. The couple has a stressless life. Because they enjoy every moment and they ignore minor conflicts.

Holly Willoughby and Dan Baldwin

Holly Willoughby and Dan Baldwin accepted each other as their life partner in 2007. God blessed them with the gift of three loving children. Namely Harry, Belle, and Chester. Holly Willoughby has been a famous host of popular programs on different tv channels since 1999. Holly Willoughby has the honor of being a patron of the charity gathering for short lives. Dan Baldwin started his TV career in the late 1990’s decade. He was also co-founder of Hungarian Beer Media.