tiger wood playing golf

tiger wood playing golf

Often known as a golf prodigy, this American professional golfer Eldrick Tont “Tiger” Woods has set an example for other golfers to become one of the highest-paid and successful golfers in the world.

His father Earl, a retired lieutenant colonel and Vietnam War veteran takes sole credit for the rise of Tiger Woods’ successful golf career. He used to take Tiger at the Navy golf course range to practice golf. Some even say he used to play with the putter before he could ever walk. When he was just two years old, he had his first encounter with the golf world, and the rest is history.  At the age of 2, he even appeared on Mike Douglas Show and his father Earl Woods and comedian and avid golfer Bob Hope.  After that on The Golf Digest and That’s Incredible.

He is the first man of color and the youngest man to win the Masters Tournament. After winning other majors golf tournaments, he has helped break stereotypical notions towards minorities in the game of golf.

Tiger Woods’ Childhood

His childhood was a typical middle-class boy who loved eating junk food and playing video games. He even entered Standard University on a full golfing scholarship. Tiger Woods made golf a household game.

Apart from his outstanding golfing career, his personal life suffered a lot when The National Enquirer published a story of his extramarital affair. After that, dozens of women claimed to have an affair with Woods. All the leading sponsors ended their relationship with him. This outcome destroyed Woods’ financial and personal life.

Facts About Woods:

  • Tiger Woods is named after his father’s friend Col. Vuong Dang Phong, who had been known as Tiger.
  • He is the youngest ever to win The Major.
  • Do you know he always wears Red on the final day of the tournament?
  • He wrote articles for Golf Digest magazine and a book “How I Play Golf”.
  • He practices Buddhism.
  • In 2009, The Associated Press awarded him ‘Athlete of the Decade”.
  • His college teammate Notah Begay III nicknamed him “Urkel”.
  • Thailand offered him citizenship, which he turned down.
  • Do you know he owns a 150-foot yacht called “Privacy”?
  • He had a successful laser eye surgery.
  • Tiger won 50 victories by age 30.
  • He is even inducted into California Hall of Fame.